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Common questions

1.  Why do you require an intake form? 


  We require basic information to be completed on an online an intake formprior to scheduling.    PA  law requires all health records to be electronic.  Any reputable facility will require a thorough intake form in order to be seen for any spa services.  Having your intake form ahead of time is very important to us as it gives your health history and other pertinent information needed for your appointment.  It saves valuable time with clients who have thick accents  on the phone, and protects your privacy as we will not share your private information in front of other clients.  


It allows you to put your gift certificate or voucher information in so we have it handy and allows you to enjoy your session without having intake time take valuable service time. It also allows us a quiet waiting room where you can relax before your appointment.  In addition,  if there is a contraindication it allows us to see ahead of time before your appointment.  


2.  Why do you ask my Occupation/ date of birth/ Cell phone provider/emergency contact ?


We ask your occupation to know what type of activities you do for the majority of the day.  It tells us about stress level and common trouble spots you may have.


PA law requires that all minors have a siged parental consent before receiving services. Your date of birth ensures we are in compliance with state law. It also is used for our system to auto generate a discount for your birthday.  


Your cell phone provider is used so we can send you a text notification of your appointment.  The scheduling system requires it to perform the function.


Your emergency contact is so we have someone to call God forbid you were to have a health crisis while in our facility.  We would not contact them for any other reason. 


3.  Why don't you always answer when I call?  


  We do not answer when we are checking clients in or out.  Nor do we answer when we are on with other callers.  So there are times when callers must leave a message for us to get back to them. Most are returned the same day unless it is left over a weekend. Then we get back to you on Monday.


It is a serious problem if you have left multiple messages and no one has gotten back to you within 24 hours during the business week.  You can send us a msg on facebook or an email here with your phone number and our director will be happy to call you back.  If we did not get back to you we will absolutely make it right.  Our system shows every call in and out for the past 10 years.  We can search by each number you may have called from.  It shows the exact time and date, length of call down to the second and whether you left a voicemail.  It also shows the times we called you back.



4.  Why do you require 48 hours cancellation notice?


When you book an appointment you are booking your therapist's time.  This is how our therapists earn a living.  It is how they feed their families and put a roof over their heads.  48 hours gives us enough itme to find another client for your appointment slot. Before we were strict with this policy we had 20-50%  of all clients cancel last minute or no show their therapist.  We can not run a business that way and a therapist can not  pay their bills.  For this reason we do charge a cancellation fee. It varies between $59 for facials and Massage services and $180 for counseling/coaching services.    We charge $1 to your credit card in order to book your appointment. This is to ensure the credit card we have for you is an active card. We will use this card to charge your cancellaiton fee if you do not give proper notice. You can either have this $1 refunded at the time of your appointment or we will donate it to charity at the end of the year.  


5.  Why do your gift certificates have an expiration date?


For several reasons.  We want you the consumer to get the most benefit from your treatment.  This is best done cumulatively.  Ideally you should return for a visit within 3 to 5 weeks for maximum benefit if you are not experiencing any problems. If you are treating for pain or a skin problem, best is 1 to 3 weeks. Delaying treatment diminishes your results.  

In addition,  when buying a highly discounted special we require use within three months.  This ensures client flow for the  therapists who agree to perform the discounted service.



We go above and beyond for our clients as you will see by our services.  We are one of the only facities that  offers a full one hour massage and full one hour facial. Our therapists do a thorough intake that is not included in that 1 hour. Your 1 hour session is strictly massage and dressing time. We offer pure therapeutic grade essential oils. We offer extremely low cost classes. We offer lots of opportunities to try new services at steeply discounted rates to see if we are a good fit for you.  However, we need your help and consideration of our therapists and their time and skills.  We care.  That's why we do what we do ad ask what we ask.  We don't cut corners ... ever!  And especially not when it comes to your heath and safety.  


We hope that you can see our policies in the same light that we do.. that we go the extra mile to take care of both you our valued clients and our valued staff.  


Your feedback is very important to us and we do take it very seriously.  We are happy to discuss your concerns and how we can make scheduling a more enjoyable experience. 








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Do not book online if you have a Gift Card or voucher.  



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