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Counseling/Coaching Testimonials

Susan, 38, Pennsylvania :

"The Mars and Venus approach has changed my life! I never dreamed I could be this happy and fulfilled in my relationship. If it worked for me it can work for you."


Jill, 27, Pennsylvania :

"It really looked like my boyfriend and I were going to break up. I explained what was going on and Helen gave me great advice that immediately turned the situation around. I can't thank you enough for saving my relationship."


Sky, 26, California :

"It seemed like I kept making the same mistakes with each relationship. Well not this time thanks to Helen and her coaching. She gave me specific advice, unlike counselors I have gone to who just nod their heads and listen. Talking with Helen really helped me through some extremely challenging times where I would have freaked out in the past. She talked me through each crisis situation, stopping me from really screwing up. Worth every penny!"


Christine, 33, Pennsylvania :

"Each time I had a question with my new relationship instead of messing up like I would have done in the past, I called Helen and she walked me through it. I now know what to do in difficult situations. She taught me exactly what to do and why it would work. Anyone in a current relationship would be foolish not to call. It can save you from making costly mistakes!


Robin, 30, New Jersey :

"It was very reassuring to know I could call Helen and she would walk me through my crisis'.It stopped me from repeating the patterns that weren't working.I really believe she saved my relationship!


Massage Testimonials


"Due to my many athletic endeavors, occasionally I injure myself. Amusingly, my last injury erupted as a result of a coughing fit during a three week battle with a cold and upper respiratory infection. I pulled a neck muscle. My neck motion was severely compromised and sleeping had become difficult due to stiffness and pain.

I went to Helen for a massage one late morning. She offered a variety of aroma therapies to alleviate my cold symptoms and neck injury.


As I left her office I felt quite a bit better. By that evening I was feeling much, much better. When I woke up in the morning I felt fantastic. My cold was almost gone, and my neck and back were nearly pain free.


She has a true gift and tremendous skill. She intuitively knows where to work on the body to remedy ailments. I highly recommend her services."


- Kim Minor, horse trainer


"The massage I received from Helen was by far the most therapeutic I have ever had. Most massage therapists offer just relaxing massage. (I call them skin movers or skin oilers because they are basically putting on suntan lotion) Helen's techniques leave you feeling energized and repaired as well. I highly recommend Helen."


- Colleen Sanders, HR Rep


"I have a very physically demanding job as a pet sitter. I often work long hours and am constantly on my feet. Since coming for weekly massage, I am much more productive. Since I feel better, I am able to take on more clients, am less tired, cranky and stiff. I would highly recommend the year of health program. It's a great savings and keeps me feeling good!"


- Jennifer Birtwell, Purrfect Pet Sitting


"I am on kidney dialysis three times a week and had a serious spiral break in my leg requiring steel rods. I needed pain and sleep medications to deal with the excruciating back, neck, and leg pain. Since receiving twice a month massage, I am off all pain and sleep meds, my restless leg syndrome has disappeared and my dialysis is much easier and shorter. Helen is simply the best! I can't speak highly enough about her work and the program!


- John Burns





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Angela P. Boothwyn, PA

  3 reviews   4/29/16           4 stars

Found this through Groupon and was a little hesitant because I don't want to spend too much money.  But I am hooked.  I showed up late but Helen was able/willing to see me anyway!  And she gave me so many good suggestions and made me feel like she wanted to help me with my questions.  She took the time to explain things to me and made me feel very comfortable.  I will definitely return!  :-)


   Flossy N. Wallingford, PA

  6 reviews  1/21/2014        4 stars

I was really blown away by this little treasure in Media.  I have really bad skin... ( change that ... Had bad skin). I was given a groupon for my first facial ever.  Helen my therapist was so sweet!  She asked me what my goals were and explained the different kinds of products I could use to get me there.  She told me I could either just relax or she could give instructions as we went along so I could know what she was doing.  That was just great!, I was super relaxed but wasn't so nervous because I knew what she was doing.  I had a ton of blackheads ( yuk). But she was very gentle and used some special stuff to soften them.  Afterwards she offered me 10% off on a kit for my skin which I love! She I was very professional and ill be back.  I just wish she worked more on Saturdays.  I'm so thankful for Groupon for turning me on to this place and finally clearing my skin up


  Phil M. Wallingford, PA

    6 reviews  1/16/2014   4 stars Updated review

Microderm Treatment was done quickly and even after a week has passed I feel was very effective!  Staff was polite and scheduling was easy.  There was no wait when I got there.  Now know they are getting very busy so schedule quickly if you want to get in soon.    Price was very fair and the value you get with the better products Serenity uses is a plus!   It is a relaxed environment which I appreciated after a busy hectic morning.  I'm scheduled for another visit and would recommend Serenity to anyone!

10/29/2013  5 stars  Previous review

Purchased a Group-on deal for a facial. It was a super easy process to use! Great experience at the spa. Left me feeling fresh and the service was warm and friendly. 


10/24/2013  5 stars  Previous review

Serenity offers up super value for their customers! The facility is really cute and very clean. The staff is warm, friendly, and knowledgeable. Parking was easy (not so for many other places in media!) Helen the manager was interested in insuring my visit was special and my needs were satisfied. Serenity's focus is on the customer's wellness and they deliver!!! I have been very satisfied with the service and staff there for all my visits. I have used their deep tissue massage services to effectively relieve chronic back pain. Their Swedish is super relaxing too! The rooms I have been in are roomy, quiet, and very comfortable. The products they carry are fresh and natural - which I believe makes a big difference in the value they provide. Thank you for great results! 


 Sheronn A. Chester, PA

     1 review 9/5/2013  4 star

I tried Serenity through Groupon - it was definitely worth it. The facility is nice, soothing and clean. The staff are professional and pleasant. Joan (the masseuse) was excellent. I have already purchased a gift certificate for a return visit.



  Neels K.  Media, PA

    14 reviews    8/12/2013 4 star


Clean, relaxing and friendly!
I had a swedish massage with infrared treatment.
I asked for a relaxing massage and I got it, I almost fell asleep. 
Masseuse was friendly and attentive. Any special requests are well considered.
This place is clean, roomy and quiet which is something i always look for at a spa.
In summary, good experience, relaxing and worth the money!


 J. C.  Philadelphia, PA

   2 reviews   4/17/2012   4 star

I thoroughly enjoyed my two massages with Bless at Serenity Counseling and Wellness Day Spa in Media. The treatments I received were both 1.5 hours long each, but I would have never believed it, because I was so relaxed and in-the-moment that the time seemed to fly by. Bless is clearly a skilled masseuse with a lot of experience, as he applied just the right amount of pressure, just where I needed it. I have been experiencing a decent amount of neck and back pain lately, and Bless knew just what to do in order to give me the right amount of relief in these problem areas, all the while being sure not to inflict pain. He was good about asking me if anything hurt, but not too much so as to disturb the overall experience of the massage. The whole experience was at the same time relaxing and healing. I highly recommend Bless--he does wonderful work!



  D. J.   Philadelphia, PA

  4 reviews  5/2/2016          5 star

Let me say, I found Serenity on Groupon and I was a little skeptical of the reviews. I'm not sure why this place got bad reviews but this place is great! It's a small charming business with character. I got a facial by the owner, Helen who was great and gave me tips about skincare. When I was done I observed the bright smile of a client who had got a massage by the male masseuse . I saw nothing but smiles there! 
At the end of my service, they offered a promotion to buy gift certificates at 50% off but you could only buy 1 for yourself and up to 4 for friends. I did not buy any on the first visit of my service nor was I pressured. I wanted to see if I had any results. They allowed me to buy them on my second visit. I even bought a massage for my mother for Mothers Day! 
As far as tipping, that was on my own and I was not given an envelope. Envelopes are sitting on counter. I do believe if you enjoy a service you should tip accordingly and if you don't then it should reflect it.
However, you do have to fill a questionnaire out online before calling to make an appointment...this may not be convenient for older clientele. But if you are going to be in the area and are looking for a great facial check this place out, you won't be disappointed!



 Marlene W.   Philadelphia, PA


o    3 reviews  4/29/2016  5 star  Updated review

I treated myself to the massage I promised myself the last time I got a facial. The office was very comfortable with coffee or tea offered as well as some delicious brownie bites, yummy!  The staff  were welcoming and kind. The massage was AWESOME!  I was so relaxed it felt like I floated out of the room when he'd finished. I will be returning for a facial and another massage in a few weeks. Thank you ya'll :)


1/19/2016   5 star Previous review

This place is a wonderfully run business.  The directions were given clearly which I appreciated  because I'm new to the area. They even told me where I could park my car without an issue. I am physically disabled so the fact that I didn't have to go up or down stairs was a plus also. When I got into the office I was greeted by the receptionist and the clinician. . I was offered coffee or tea which I declined then was asked to have a seat. I thoroughly enjoyed the facial and in all honesty I've never had a facial quite like this. She extracted all of the things that needed to be extracted and made my face feel soft and supple by the end of my visit. I was offered discounts on products and the gift certificate was half priced to come back in a timely fashion for another facial. I was so inclined to take advantage of the 50% off massage too because a lady that had just come out of the massage room was literally smiling from ear to ear. Her face showed and she said how wonderful her massage was, that she felt so loose and relaxed that she could finally get some well rested sleep tonight. I give this place a big thumbs up and I will be returning again to be pampered. Thank you ladies! 



 Judy S.  Brookhaven, PA

    6 reviews  1/19/2016  5 star

Loving this place!  Beyond the amazing facials and my eye brows looks crazy good now too, the atmosphere is lovely and intimate.



 Elaine W. Norwood, PA

  5 reviews 1/3/2016 5 star

Found them through Groupon. I have had other facial, this was by far the best! Had a little bit of trouble with the online reservation system. Love the front desk staff. Helen did my facial and she was very sensitive to my needs. So much so the I bought additional 50% off gift certificates for myself & my son, to deal with his acne. We are both going back again. We also purchased some products for my son's face which I felt were expensive but, if they work then they are priceless. Will let you know in a month. Highly recommend this spa. Loved the free parking.



 Kathy H.  Media, PA

   2 reviews  10/9/2015 5 star

Great service and great products. 
Parking is available. 
Relaxing atmosphere 
Close to wine store!



 Jessica F.  Media, PA

  4 reviews  10/8/2015 5 star

Not only was this the best massage I have received but it was the best facial too! Helen was the sweetest most helpful person. She not only took so much time but also gave me great recommendations on what products and helpful tips to use at home. She also makes it affordable for the average person. After getting the first facial I received the second one at half price!


Patricia F.  Springfield, PA

    2 reviews  9/7/2015   5 star Updated review

I have had two facials with Helen, who is a gem,  at Serenity and am planning to schedule more facials and a massage in the very near future. Both facials were extremely relaxing. Not only did I feel pampered but the facials were pinpointed towards my dry skin. Helen even did a few extractions which were a plus. PLEASE ignore the negative comments. Serenity Wellness is a very welcoming and relaxing facility and Helen is awesome!


9/6/2015   5 star Previous review

I have had two facials with Helen, who is a gem, at Serenity and am planning to schedule more facials and a massage in the very near future. Both facials were extremely relaxing. Not only did I feel pampered but the facials were pinpointed towards my dry skin. Helen even did a few extractions which were a plus. PLEASE ignore the negative comments. Serenity Wellness is a very welcoming and relaxing facility and Helen is awesome!



Casey D.  Media, PA

   5 reviews  8/13/2015 5 star

So, I found Serenity Wellness Center back through Groupon when I was looking for a facial after having an allergic reaction to antibiotics. 

Helen, who did my facial and has several times thereafter is absolutely amazing and really takes the time to customize and put thought into what would be best for my skin. Since seeing her, my skin has been in a much better place than the past, and much of the terrible acne and hyperpigmentation I've struggled with well throughout my teenage years up until now is really well under control. Her recommendations for my skin care routine and what products not to use have really been a lifesaver and now I'm very satisfied with my routine and overall feel better about looking at my face in the mirror which is something I've struggled with for a long time.

John, who does the therapeutic massages, I started going to about three weeks ago after severe and painful knots in my neck from constant stress and migraines. I had tried another place in Media and though the woman was very nice and pleasant, it was incredibly painful and I left with a migraine and not feeling relaxed. After seeing John for several weeks, my shoulders have been much better and he has taken the time to recommend stretches and exercises that keep my tension from getting out of control. 

On both their parts, whenever I got to Serenity Wellness Center, I never feel pressured to get any particular services and I really feel like my care and wellbeing is important and it's not just about pushing out generic services to make money. I highly recommend this place for your next massage or facial!


Rita N.  Springfield, PA

    6 reviews  7/27/2015 5 star

I purchased a Groupon for Serenity.  I went this past Wednesday for a dermatological facial plus a regular facial and I was NOT disappointed!!  Helen was amazing.  She explained everything that she was doing.  A very kind and soft spoken person.  I definitely recommend giving Serenity a try.  It was the BEST facial I ever had!!!!



 Bridget B.  Spruce Hill, Philadelphia, PA

    2 reviews   7/13/2015 5 star

I have been getting monthly facials since oct 2014. I found the center when I purchased a groupon. Helen is friendly and customizes the facial to what I think I need (LED, microdermabrasion) with her recommendation. I have the year membership, which saves me $36 a month off the original price of the treatment. I would recommend for anyone looking for a more personal experience and support local businesses.


Tina S.  Drexel Hill, PA

  3 reviews  5/5/2015 5 star

I have had a facial and a massage here and they both were excellent. That was probably the best massage I ever had! The staff is friendly and knowledgable. The spa itself was relaxing and I enjoyed my time there both times I went! I would recommend anyone to go there if they are looking to relax and be pampered!


 Sue P.  Ridley Park, PA

   1 review  5/5/2015  5 star Updated review

Such a wonderful wellness center filled with professionalism from the moment to walk in to the minute too leave. I was treated like a person not a number. I was heard. Cared about. My massage was great.
I highly recommend.


2/14/2015 5 star  Previous review

I have tried several massage/day spas' and I can tell you I was extremely impressed with Serenity Wellness Center in Media. Helen Struckman, one of the therapists, is a consummate professional from the moment I walked into the spa, to the moment I left, she made me feel welcomed and that my needs were important to her. I filled out a profile regarding areas I needed work with regarding massage as well as a brief background history to keep on file. The spa itself is a warm and cozy nook, filled with the subtle scents of inviting aromatherapy, fresh coffee is available, as well as a display case of quality products for skin care for purchase. The massage area itself was warm and inviting and I felt immediately at home. Everything was explained well to me with what was going to be accomplished and there was never as time when I felt my needs weren't met. I highly recommend Serenity because its not like every cookie-cutter massage spa where you are shuffled in and out and feel like a number or rushed. I was taken seriously, the place is quaint, clean, and friendly. I will definitely be a regular customer and am so happy to have discovered this Delco gem!



Jessica D.  Media, PA

   2 reviews  5/4/2015 5 star

I've had two facials, one massage and eye brow waxing here in 2015. This has been the best services I've ever received for these types of services. The staff is phenomenal and constantly making sure you are comfortable with the services they are providing. I highly recommend them and have already told my friends and family about them!!!


  James K.  Aston, PA

   1 review  4/28/2015       5 star

Had a fantastic massage.   The therapist was great and hit all the spots and knots.  Just a relaxing massage and a great way to end my day.   Will Be Back soon!


Cara D.  Conshohocken, PA

  1 review  2/20/2015       5 star

I had a facial at Serenity Wellness last week with Helen and it was AMAZING!  Not only is the spa lovely and welcoming, but Helen herself had a calming, warm approach to me as a client.  I often find that because I'm a massage therapist and esthetician, I'm not always treated like a client when I get these kinds of services.  My experience at Serenity Wellness was completely different, and it didn't matter that I am a fellow esthetician.  Helen treated me like a VIP and made me feel great.  Helen is excellent and really knows her stuff.  The facial itself was one of the most relaxing hours of my life.  You're missing out on something special if you don't get yourself there right away!  Thanks Helen for giving me such a great experience.  My skin has felt wonderful ever since, even through all this awful cold weather!  Looking forward to my next facial!  :)


Sabrina F.  East Providence, RI

    4 reviews  2/14/2015 5 star

Serenity Wellness Center is awesome! The ambiance is so soothing and the skilled staff provide personalized services of exceptional quality (can't wait to get a facial the next time I'm there!)! Helen is an excellent practitioner, as well as a knowledgeable treasure trove of helpful information! This is a great office that is as invested in the enjoyment of your time there as you are. A truly wonderful experience!


Sandra M.  New Castle, DE

   4 reviews  6/3/2014       5 star

I live in Media, and when I saw a living social coupon for a massage I immediately purchased it, as I never heard of this place before. I had signed up for a 60 minute Swedish massage, and upon talking over my issues with the masseuse, Joan, she said that it seemed like I should get a therapeutic massage and she upgraded me for free. The facility is small, and in fact it was so cozy that I can't even call it a facility since it felt more homelike, which I prefer for massages since it promotes a relaxed and welcoming feeling. I had no issues with scheduling or with being greeted, and I was immediately made to feel welcome. Joan gave a wonderful and professional massage that I enjoyed very much. She was very knowledgeable and helpful, and paid a lot of attention to my needs which I felt was important. I was having quite a few issues and she was very helpful.  I enjoyed the experience so much that I purchased a 90 minute therapeutic massage and a facial with Helen. I got my facial a couple of weeks ago and it was a great experience as well. Helen was also very knowledgeable and made me feel confident in her abilities as well. I also had some skin care issues that I'd like to work on and I loved the products that she used, all natural and organic which is very important to me. I enjoyed it so much that I purchased another facial to come again. I just got my 90 minute massage last night, and unfortunately I was not able to do so with Joan since she has been out with an injury, and Helen gave me the massage. They both have different techniques but it was still a wonderful experience and I enjoyed it immensely. It was nice to actually be able to experience both Joan and Helen and so in the future I can decide which one would suite my need better at the time. I definitely plan on becoming a frequent member here due to the wonderful location and to the quality of service.

In general, I highly recommend others to come to enjoy the same special experience I received. It was a perfect mix of friendliness and professionalism that made me feel welcome each time I got treated. The therapists believe in helping a person for life, and it can also mean changing your own lifestyle as far as products used and in believing how important it is to take care of yourself. They do believe in creating relationships with their clients and you can definitely feel the care in that type of attitude.


Anders A.  Howell, NJ

   3 reviews  4/7/2014       5 star

I had a Custom Facial at Serenity recently and I must say I absolutely loved it. The spa is not big, however very cozy and I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in. The staff was very caring and friendly which is an instant deal breaker to me (and to most, I would assume). My facial treatment was very soothing, relaxing and comfortable and I felt very "at home" the entire time from the moment I walked in to when I left. The pricing I found very reasonable as well as the great service I got at Serenity. I have been to quite a few  spas over the years and have grown quite.."picky", so to speak with what I like as far as service, pricing etc goes - but I will be sure to come back to this place soon, because nothing beats the feeling of getting value for money spent! I would recommend Serenity Wellness Center to anyone in need of personalized attention. Next I will get a massage for sure!


JoAnn K.  Media, PA

   1 review  1/20/2014       5 star

I was very pleased with the facial I received at Serenity Wellness Center.  I had curious and efficient service. The office and spa rooms were very relaxing and decorated.  My face felt terrific when I left.  My daughters were with me and received facials and Swedish massage and they were pleased also.  I also had a cyst removed from my eye lid by Helen and I couldn't be more pleased with that service also.  It was a great experience and enjoyed it and recommend their services.  


 Kara K.  Philadelphia, PA

   8 reviews  1/19/2014 5 star

I learned about Serenity through a Groupo, for a facial.  This was my first facial and I really enjoyed it! Helen was very sweet and knowledgeable and I found the experience to be very relaxing. I have gone back for massages since and my experience has been fantastic! The facility is small but as anyone local knows, real estate is at a premium in Media so all any business owner can do is work with what they've got. The staff at Serenity has really done a nice job of making their space inviting. I have nothing but good things to say about Serenity!



 Tammy B.  Marmora, NJ

  5 reviews  1/16/2014     5 star

I live near Atlantic City, and I have been to many Spa's along South Jersey Shore. Was visiting an old friend for the weekend in PA, who suggested we try Serenity. We were able to get an afternoon appointment. My impression of Serenity is a top-notch privately owned spa compared to my extensive Spa experience(yes, i'm a Lush). I prefer to support local business and strongly recommend this Spa, and the owner( I think it was Helen) to anyone who is looking for a wonderful, personal spa experience.  You get a different atmosphere, less personal attention, with chain spas or ones where the owner is not present everyday.  

Follow up:  
Just was looking at some history on this place.  I've got to say that some of the other low reviews seem like extraordinary circumstances and don't seem relevant(like the guidelines mention).  Time spent at Serenity is well worth it.  It won't fix all your problems and doesn't deserve the low ratings on Yelp for some consumers personal gain...



 Carol E.  Springfield, PA

   3 reviews  1/15/2014     5 star

I had an outstanding experience at Serenity Wellness Center. I made my appointment with ease. the staff was courteous and efficient. Helen is outstanding!! Such a sweetheart. Overall the perfect spa experience. The spa is beautifully kept a very relaxing environment. My facial and massage were outstanding. I've been to Serenity multiple times and have NEVER been disappointed. Ever visit is a five star visit. I leave feeling relaxed and amazing. Serenity has outstanding Groupon offers that I have yet to take advantage of. I recommend Serenity to everyone.


Martha M.  Marcus Hook, PA

   10 reviews  1/15/2014   5 star

I have had a wonderful experience at serenity.  The service we received was very positive.  

I had to leave a message and they called back promptly.  The person on the phone was courteous and pleasant.  I wanted to buy a massage for my husband for his birthday and a treatment for me.  She explained all the options and their policies.  When we arrived we felt immediately welcomed and was very much what we expected.

My facial was awesome!  Relaxing and informative at the same time.  Matt's massage was just what he needed.  To tell you the truth I can't wait to go back and show off my glowing face!


 Bill M.  Media, PA

    1 review  1/7/2014         5 star

The staff is knowledgeable and friendly.clean facility and professional treatments both in masssage and skin. The facility is small, but worth it.  I am no stranger to body treatment and realize the need to have multiple appts. I bought a package deal to save money.


Carol H. Upper Darby, PA

  1 review  11/16/2013     5 star

I had a service called Lamprobe done by Helen.  What it does is remove crusty growths from the skin.  I had a growth on my shoulder that had been there for years and it was unsightly to say the least.  I was so happy when Helen saw it and said she could get rid of it for me.  Basically the procedure was painless and the growth was gone in one treatment.  So happy!!!  I'm going back to have a few more things removed.  From what I understand not too many places can do this procedure other than dermatologists.  Helen is thorough and gentle. I can recommend this place without reservation.  I agree with some of the other reviews in that it can be challenging to make an appointment.


 Shakita B. Lansdowne, PA

  1 review  11/16/2013     5 star

best massage ive had in a long while.  ask for Joan she is awesome


  April B. Glenolden, PA

   2 reviews  11/13/2013   5 star

Facials here are amazing.  I found out about the spa through a discount offer so I was not sure what to expect but now I go monthy!  Take good care of yourself and go here. You will not be disappointed.


  Michael V. Wilmington, DE

  4 reviews  10/30/2013   5 star

Had massages at many places in the past. Serenity was definitely in the Top 5. Joan was my masseuse and she was fantastic. Talked to with her for a while and she definitely knows her stuff. Will definitely be scheduling another appointment for myself there and definitely referring to my friends and family!


 Agnoula M. Swedesboro, NJ

  2 reviews  10/24/2013   5 star

Found this place with a Groupon and have never looked back.  Helen is wonderful, attentive, and very knowledgeable.  Since my first visit, I've gone back 5 or 6 times and my skin looks better and better with each consecutive visit.

Recommend Serenity to all of my friends and family


 Trudy N. Media, PA

  8 reviews  10/24/2013   5 star

Found this quaint little place from Groupon.  I've driven past it 100 times and never noticed it.  I was really surprised at how great the whole experience was.  I've gotten groupons before and it was only so so but Serenity was different.  They used amazing products for my facial and offered a 50percent off gift cert to try a massage.  My technician Helen was really knowledgable and really seemed to love what she does. 

They offer a lot of coupons and specials to make regular treatments more affordable.  I was also surprised when she said to continue to use my regular moisturizer. She said if its not broke, why fix it?  I really respected that.  I did get a bottle of cobra eye serum which I love.  I really liked the personalized attention and the cozy atmosphere.  It was kind of Hemmingway tropical.  Some antiques with modern pieces.  

I also like that they recycle their tip envelopes and have green features.  ( led bulbs, bamboo floors, etc). Very good value and underrated facility.  It's not a super fancy multimillion dollar place or a chain.  However they really deliver great services in a very nice facility.  Very clean and surprisingly roomy.  They even let me park while I got lunch on state street.




 Philip N. Glen Mills, PA

   4 reviews  10/22/2013   5 star

I had to write this after my recent visit to Serenity.  These women are saints!  I felt sorry for the poor girl at the front desk ( Hellen)  .  I came in early to my  appointment  and I got to hear her get yelled at and called names by some idiot whose groupon had expired.  These people are just bullies!  The woman on the phone was sceaming so loud I could hear it!  These girls did not deserve this abuse.  I felt so bad I bought a gift certificate for a facial.  ( I have never had one in my life)  The massage itself was great and the service was great.  Even after dealing with a psycho client they were in good spirits and made me feel very relaxed.  I Liked the personal attention and that they are a small facility.  Easy to get to. Parking was a plus too.


 Omar G.   Drexel Hill, PA

 12 reviews  7/30/2013   5 star

I've been here half a dozen times and its been nothing but a positive experience. Jenelle and Bless are great and very accommodating. I look forward to my next massage appointment and release all the tension!



Hayley H.  Philadelphia, PA


o    3 reviews  7/25/2013 5 star

Deep tissue massage was amazing!  Bless is phenomenal!


 Kerri B.  Rutledge, PA

2 reviews  7/5/2013 5 star

I purchased a package of 3 Microdermabrasion Treatments through Groupon.  After my first treatment, I saw a noticeable difference in my skin.  Helen also suggested a kit for brightening.  I got 20% off all of the products, as it was my first visit.  I LOVE the A.N.D. products, as does my skin!   Looking forward to my 3rd treatment!!


 Terry Y. Swarthmore, PA

  1 review  11/20/2012     5 star

Just came back from my first visit to Serenity.  I had a facial service done by Alessandra.  FANTASTIC!  You feel so refreshed and relaxed.   My skin never felt so good.  I highly recommend it.  Thanks Alessandra.


Jessica M.  Lansdowne, PA

 9 reviews    7/25/2012   5 star

Excellent facility at a convenient location.  Free parking is available but also very close to public transportation.

Decor is modern, yet very comfortable and restful.  The tone of the facility  is quiet and soothing.

The staff is very personable and professional.  

I am new to this facility but I will definitely become a regular.


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