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Nutrition & Weight Management:        Services & Rates

Group Rates:

Monday nights starting Feb. 5th. Clients would enroll for four weeks and would meet weekly.


Three levels:

1. Basic: $327 gets 4 60 min. group sessions, access to 24/7 online support, personalized meal plan and protol

2. Premium: $397 same as above plus 45min. private phone counseling

3. Platinum: $497 all of the above plus handouts including books, food, teas, herbs.

Individual Rates

Private counseling:

  • $297/month (2 month commitment)
  • Two 50 minute sessions
  • Personalized meal plan and protocol
  • Online support


Phone Support:

  • $3 per minute
  • Call Now to register!


Free - 20 minute breakthrough session- client addresses root cause of self sabotage.


Free Health History- 45 minutes, available to clients referred by doctors. This is a closer look at diet and any illness that may be present.



Wellness Programs: $50 

General Wellness

Weight Loss

Healthy Heart

Stress Managment

Where: In the comfort of your home

When: Starting on sign up continuing for 30 days

Why: To show you how easy it is to lead a healthy lifestyle

Cost: $50   

How to Join: (610) 565-6627 or purchase on line 


Note: Once payment is received, you must call us and you will receive your invitation via Facebook to join my private  Facebook group .  

The program includes:

  •  1 daily health tip via Facebook Live for 30 days
  • Tips on how to incorporate these changes into your daily routine
  • Private Facebook group
  • Q&A’s throughout the program


I’ve always believed that it’s the little changes that we make each day that will make the biggest difference in our lives. I put this 30-day challenge together to teach you how easy it is to make diet and lifestyle changes when you take it day by day.  In this challenge, you will learn a new tip every day that will really make a difference in how you look and feel.


Sign up now for the chance to win a free, private coaching session with me plus a copy of my book “A Health  Coach’s Guide to Heart Health”.  Let the Challenge Begin!!!



Ramona’s 30 Day Weight Loss Program



Are you struggling to lose weight? Are you frustrated because you have tried so many programs and nothing seemed to work? Have you had only temporary success and can’t seem to figure out why? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then my 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge is for you!!!

 I’ve always believed that it’s the little changes that we make each day that will make the biggest difference in our lives. I put this 30-day weight loss challenge together to teach you how easy it is to make diet and lifestyle changes when you take it day by day. In this challenge, you will learn a new tip every day that will not only help you lose weight, but also keep the weight off.   Your struggles are over.  Learn how to lose weight the right way from a weight loss expert.   30 Days is all it takes!!!

Sign up today and get:  

  • One weight loss tip a day for 30 days via Facebook 
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Q &A’s throughout the program


Healthy Heart  Program


Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in this country. Unfortunately, we don’t know something is wrong until something bad happens. Prevention is the key.  Ramona will teach you everything that you need to know about heart health.  


  • One Heart health tip a day for 30 days via Facebook 
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Q &A’s throughout the program



See what people are saying about Ramona’s Wellness Program's


“Over the past month, I have been part of the pilot program for Ramona’s “30 Day Wellness Challenge”. The changes that she had us make were small with BIG results. The most important part, I think, is that they are changes that I can be happy living with that will keep me healthier.  Over the course of the program, I’ve lost 12 pounds, lowered my blood sugar, improved my general mood, and increased my energy. I have nothing but high hopes continuing on, and will definitely be seeking future health advice from Ramona”-Robert Smyth


“Kudos to Ramona Fasula and her 30 Day Wellness challenge! Having just completed it, I enthusiastically recommend it to anyone looking to improve their health, mood, energy level, sleep, or even their waistline. This simple 30 day program has simply changed my life. While other plans can be complicated and overwhelming, Ramona provides one daily habit to incorporate and build on each day for 30 days. But, it’s the results that matter…. And I can see them in myself through better sleep, more energy, and I even dropped a few pounds during the process. Go ahead, give it 30 days. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!! –Carol Brian


Health Coaching– $150 per 1 hr session

A health coach is a wellness professional who enables their clients to achieve their health goals through motivation, empowerment, and regular contact. Ramona will work with you to help you feel confident, secure, and in control of your health by designing customized wellness programs. Whether you are suffering from a chronic condition, or looking for ways to prevent health complications in the future, Ramona will design a program that is right for you. Health is not a one size fits all. Everyone has different needs and goals, and Ramona will asses them before beginning your program. She will guide you throughout your program and ensure that your goals are achieved. Ramona makes healthy living easy. You’ll be amazed at your results. Sessions available in person.  $150 per 1 hr session 

Sign up for health coaching 3, 6 or 9 month Program and get a free copy of Ramona’s ebook of your choosing.

3 month program

6 month program

9 month program

Eat This, Don’t Eat That $175

Looking for some guidance on how to eat healthier? Send me your weekly food diary for a month and I will show you how to make healthy changes to your diet

Healthy Food Shopping Service:  $200 2 hrs                                                                                                                          

Hate the thought of food shopping? Are you afraid to make unhealthy choices when it comes to feeding yourself and your family.   I will make it easy for you with weekly trips to the supermarket where I purchase only the healthiest products for you and your family.

Jump Start your Health $500

Are you suffering from a health condition and want to understand it better? Do you struggle with what foods you should be eating for your condition? If you’re looking for a little guidance, then this program is for you. We’ll have one phone consultation, where I will learn more about your condition and I will provide the guidance that you are looking for in one detailed email. i will teach you all about your condition, share the do's and don'ts, and teach you what foods to eat for your condition and what foods to stay away from.  Final review of wellness document included.  Need some motivation to get you started, add on some one-on-one coaching sessions at an additional cost. $500 

Pantry Makeover $450

Do you know what’s lurking in your pantry and refrigerator? Are the ingredients in these foods sabotaging your health?

95% of all chronic diseases come from food choices, toxic ingredients, nutritional deficiencies, and lack of physical activity. 100% of these factors are within our control.

Do you want to lead a healthier lifestyle and eliminate those toxic ingredients that could be making you sick? Wellness by Ramona will teach you how to shop for your health!!!

Ramona will start with a pantry makeover where she will get rid of unhealthy foods in both your refrigerator and pantry, she will then give you a lesson on how to read food labels and decipher what you are putting on your table, followed by a trip to the supermarket, where she will teach you how to replace unhealthy foods with healthy substitutes.


The most important decision that you can make every day is what to eat.  Let Wellness by Ramona make over your pantry and teach you how to eat for your health.


Cooking with Ramona $300 2 hr class plus cost of food

Ramona had the pleasure of studying integrative health and cooking under the one and only Christina Pirello of “Christina Cooks” fame. In this intense program, she learned the important link between proper nutrition and good health and the fact that we truly are what we eat. Ramona’s cooking classes will teach you the basics of healthy cooking, whether it is for disease management or disease prevention.   You won’t look at food the same way again.  Available for private classes, group classes, or corporate events. Purchase as many classes as you like. The more classes you purchase, the more money you save. Have a particular health condition? I will teach you how to cook for that particular condition.


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