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A quick phone call is all it takes to get the answers you need!

A quick phone call is all it takes to get the answers you need! In the middle of an argument, have you ever wished you could know what to do to stop the chaos? Have you ever wanted to know what to do when you felt your partner pulling away? How many times after a relationship ended have you struggled to figure out what went wrong?


Well you don't ever have to make the same mistakes again! With expert relationship advice you can avoid all the problems of past relationships.

In just a few short minutes you can know exactly what is going on in a situation and most importantly how to change it around!


I have been coaching dating and married couples for over 20 years.

I have seen hundreds of couples and helped with all sorts of problems. During this time, I discovered three things.


#1. Set weekly appointments worked great. But when a client would call me after or even during a crisis they got even better results! There wasn't enough time to stew over the problem or make mistakes that would drive their partners further away.


Male clients would call to learn how to make things right again when their girlfriends/wives were mad at them. Female clients would call to ease the tensions when their boyfriends/husbands were acting distant. Now I make crisis ( or check in) calls a regular part of my regular practice.


#2. Female clients would often tell me they have had problems for years but their husbands/boyfriends wouldn't agree go to a counselor. What would have been an easy fix turned into years of bitterness and frustration. Bringing back the love in these scenarios is very challenging. It takes longer and much more effort that if the couple came in when their issues were new.


#3. People who came in individually would tell me about some crisis that had happened, how they dealt with it and the consequences of that reaction. Inevitably their reaction was one that drove their partners away and caused great tension in the relationship. They were stunned and amazed at how interventions I gave them would turn the situation around. Eventually they overcame the compulsion to react in their typical ineffective ways and learned that success came with new ways of reacting.


All these things have taught me that if a person is in crisis, they need help now! If you are in a situation where the harder you try, the worse it gets, you need to immediately change your strategy. I can teach you more effective ways to reach your goals. Sometimes you just need to talk with someone immediately who can tell you what to do. (And what not to do!)


My goal has and always will be to have more love in the world. When couples are happy their children are happy, their work is easier and the world in general is a nicer place. That's why For a limited time I am extending to you a fantastic offer. You can call me from anywhere in the country and get 10 minutes of expert relationship advice for free. Yes for Free! There's no need to regret your actions ever again. Not when a qiuck phone call can get you back on track. Talk for as little or as long as you like. As long as I am not with other clients I am glad to help. I am typically available from 10-10 Eastern Standard time for first time callers. ( 24/7 for established callers) Always leave a message and I will get back to you as quickly as possible. You will be amazed how much more in control of the situation you become when you learn how the opposite sex works. After your free 10 minute consult your charge is just a low $2.00 per minute if you call before 10 pm, $3.00 per minute after 10 pm. All you need is an active credit card or debit card to get started. We take your billing information first, then your free 10 minute consult begins. Its that easy!


Most of us never learned how to communicate with the opposite sex. We give to the other person in ways we want them to give to us. Unfortunately, that just doesn't work. Yet we do it again and again, wondering why we continue to get the same results! Call me and I will tell you what does work. Don't wait till its too late! You can change your relationship.

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