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Susan, 38, Pennsylvania :

"The Mars and Venus approach has changed my life! I never dreamed I could be this happy and fulfilled in my relationship. If it worked for me it can work for you."


Jill, 27, Pennsylvania :

"It really looked like my boyfriend and I were going to break up. I explained what was going on and Helen gave me great advice that immediately turned the situation around. I can't thank you enough for saving my relationship."


Sky, 26, California :

"It seemed like I kept making the same mistakes with each relationship. Well not this time thanks to Helen and her coaching. She gave me specific advice, unlike counselors I have gone to who just nod their heads and listen. Talking with Helen really helped me through some extremely challenging times where I would have freaked out in the past. She talked me through each crisis situation, stopping me from really screwing up. Worth every penny!"


Christine, 33, Pennsylvania :

"Each time I had a question with my new relationship instead of messing up like I would have done in the past, I called Helen and she walked me through it. I now know what to do in difficult situations. She taught me exactly what to do and why it would work. Anyone in a current relationship would be foolish not to call. It can save you from making costly mistakes!


Robin, 30, New Jersey :

"It was very reassuring to know I could call Helen and she would walk me through my crisis'.It stopped me from repeating the patterns that weren't working.I really believe she saved my relationship!


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