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"Due to my many athletic endeavors, occasionally I injure myself. Amusingly, my last injury erupted as a result of a coughing fit during a three week battle with a cold and upper respiratory infection. I pulled a neck muscle. My neck motion was severely compromised and sleeping had become difficult due to stiffness and pain.

I went to Helen for a massage one late morning. She offered a variety of aroma therapies to alleviate my cold symptoms and neck injury.


As I left her office I felt quite a bit better. By that evening I was feeling much, much better. When I woke up in the morning I felt fantastic. My cold was almost gone, and my neck and back were nearly pain free.


She has a true gift and tremendous skill. She intuitively knows where to work on the body to remedy ailments. I highly recommend her services."


- Kim Minor, horse trainer

"The massage I received from Helen was by far the most therapeutic I have ever had. Most massage therapists offer just relaxing massage. (I call them skin movers or skin oilers because they are basically putting on suntan lotion) Helen's techniques leave you feeling energized and repaired as well. I highly recommend Helen."


- Colleen Sanders, HR Rep

"I have a very physically demanding job as a pet sitter. I often work long hours and am constantly on my feet. Since coming for weekly massage, I am much more productive. Since I feel better, I am able to take on more clients, am less tired, cranky and stiff. I would highly recommend the year of health program. It's a great savings and keeps me feeling good!"


- Jennifer Birtwell, Purrfect Pet Sitting

"I am on kidney dialysis three times a week and had a serious spiral break in my leg requiring steel rods. I needed pain and sleep medications to deal with the excruciating back, neck, and leg pain. Since receiving twice a month massage, I am off all pain and sleep meds, my restless leg syndrome has disappeared and my dialysis is much easier and shorter. Helen is simply the best! I can't speak highly enough about her work and the program!


- John Burns

Who gets Massages?





Massage calms the nervous system and relaxes the body, which helps still the emotions and the mind. This is especially true when pain, a source of stress, is reduced or eliminated. Reducing stress allows the body to rest, recover and heal.

Who gets Massages?

People in these careers and professions:

  • lawyers, paralegals & law students
  • office/desk workers
  • hair dressers
  • executives & managers
  • computer programmers
  • educational
  • consulting
  • publishing
  • marketing
  • music, art & entertainment
  • film & video production
  • dentists
  • dental hygenists
  • police officers
  • servers & bartenders
  • construction workers
  • personal trainers
  • massage therapists
  • physical therapists
  • chiropractors
  • Athletes and other active people
  • and many others

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